Graphic Design & Web Development


Timternet is a small one-man company dedicated to creating digital imagery and websites advertising or supporting scientific projects and small businesses. With over 15 years of experience with most of the Adobe Creative Suite and an array of websites now under my care, Timternet is an affordable choice for any digital project involving custom images and code both on- and offline.

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What I do

Currently I host around 40 websites and have over 300 illustrations published in scientific papers and books. I also help starting companies design their entire look and feel, ranging from logo design to product branding.

Static websites

Websites which require no user interaction.


Light-weight blogs allowing some user input.


For highly customised websites and large database-driven projects.


Logos, illustrations, branding & webdesigns.



Currently operating under the wings of CMET, Kytos aims to support businesses interested monitoring bacteria in real-time. Timternet has helped brand the start-up by designing a logo and multiple supporting illustrations, and will continue to do so by supplying a website and video material.

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Formerly known as LabMET, CMET is a center at Ghent University specialised in microbial communities is a wide array of environments. During my day-job there, I designed a number of logo proposals to support the rebranding and build a management system to automate and facilitate daily tasks for its 100 collaborators.

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A small, one-page, static website for a StrategicWater consortium combining an array of skills of participating scientists. Timternet designed the logo and website

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Since 2013 I have supported ISMET, initially from within CMET, and later taking it further with Timternet. ISMET links researchers from various areas of science and engineering towards studying interactions of microorganisms and electrodes.

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Bemotec is a company specialised in an array of building and maintenance tasks. Timternet designed both logo and website.

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Bier & Karakter

Bier & Karakter is a Belgian brewery. Timternet designed the website advertising their fine brews.

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How may I help you?

Whether you have an issue processing digital imagery, want to see a new company logo idea come to life or you have plans to build a full-blown digital community platform, I may be of assistance. With over 15 years of experience with the Adobe creative suite and extensive knowledge of the Drupal platform, my skillset is versatile enough to pretty much take on any task at hand, or help out with an ongoing project already in the works. Just drop me a line using the form below and I'll get back to you as soon as possible!