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Timternet is a small one-man company dedicated to creating digital imagery and websites advertising or supporting scientific projects and small businesses. With over a decade of experience with most of the Adobe Creative Suite and an array of websites now under my care, Timternet is an affordable choice for any digital project involving custom images and code both on- and offline.

Some numbers


Websites running:
Currently Timternet takes care of hosting and performing maintenance on roughly 25 Drupal websites.


Illustrations published:
Over 200 illustrations have already been published in a variety of media such as scientific papers or company brochures.


Logos in use:
9 companies or organizations currently use a logo designed by Timternet for their on- and offline activities.

Drupal websites

All websites listed below are built around the Drupal framework. Most are supplied with a custom-tailored UI which allows the client or target audience to quickly add, update or remove certain types of content in specific regions in the websites. As the web is ever evolving, these systems require a certain amount of maintenance each year, yet they make up for this in ease of use and flexibility.

CMET system

Illustrations and designs

Roughly 200 of my illustrations were published in scientific books, A1 publications or PhD theses over the last 5 years. They are drawn in flash to allow animation in presentations when needed. The goal of these is never to create a work of art, but merely to allow the author of the publication to keep the reader interested in the topics at hand, as they are typically confronted with a wall of continuous text.

All scientific illustrations belong to the authors of the papers or books they were designed for.

Logo design
Scientific illustrations

How may I help you?

Whether you have an issue processing digital imagery, want to see a new company logo idea come to life or you have plans to build a full-blown digital community platform, I may be of assistance. With over 15 years of experience with the Adobe creative suite and extensive knowledge of the Drupal platform, my skillset is versatile enough to pretty much take on any task at hand, or help out with an ongoing project already in the works. Just drop me a line using the form below and I'll get back to you as soon as possible!

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