Tems & conditions

Content management systems

Timternet cannot be held accountable for copyright infringements or any other illegal activity due to client interaction with any of the websites it created and reserves the right to remove content from content management systems hosted on servers rented by Timternet.

Any client which hosts a content management system on a server rented by Timternet is obliged to have their website updated with each security release of the chosen content management system, including but not limited to security fixes of the modules used to provide the user with the functionality the system was designed to provide. By default, these updates are applied by Timternet and come at a charge of €35 for each hour invested in either the update or restoration of functionality due to the latter. The client upholds the right to move- or have their website moved to- an external host when these updates are not desired.

Content management systems, for which no request to permanently maintain the integrity of database and website was made, can receive security updates upon client request or by means of a fixed security plan (annually, bi-annually, …).

Timternet can not be held responsible  for corruption and/or theft of data when no security updates are included in the purchase of the website and/or when the maintenance term included in the original offer to the client has expired and/or when the security updates suggested by open source platforms does not suffice to protect the website fully and/or when the security breach is under active exploitation before the security update was applied. Timternet strives to patch websites as soon as humanly possible, but cannot foresee a fixed timing in which the patches are applied due to the ever-changing nature of the internet and the consequences patching may have on existing functionality.

When a major version update of a system prevents any future maintenance, the system can no longer be maintained by Timternet, nor can it be hosted on any of the servers in its possession. Timternet can, however, be hired to provide a smooth and secure transition to a new major version of the chosen system. If a migration is not desired by the client following an end of life announcement, any payments made to maintain the system beyond an end of life announcement will be refunded.

Static websites

Any updates applied to user-provided templates or websites build by Timternet come at a charge of €35/hour.


Any updates to illustrations demanded by clients will come at a charge of €35/hour provided the desired update was not included in a preceding job description for which an offer with a fixed price was delivered to the client.